Álvaro Domene & Briggan Krauss: Live at The Firehouse Space (2016)

“Drawing on each other’s distinct musical experience, the unique voices of Domene and Krauss combine here in a stunning performance of uninhibited improvisation in which the duo’s innate connection sees them push each other along a seemingly perpetual trajectory of artistic exploration. This live recording captures all the intense energy of the concert, which like the duo’s other recent outings, was performed to a captivated audience.

“Live at the Firehouse Space” is essential listening for those with an interest in the evolution of the improvising duo in contemporary music.”

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Both of these musicians are well-seasoned and sound like they are coming from a common place of mature and thoughtfully crafted improv. Extraordinary!” Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC

The atmosphere the duo develops is enveloping, the slow ooze at the start is created by Krauss’ intensely rhythmic phrases and Domene’s deliberate chordal movement. The fog burns off quickly though as the two engage in an intensely percussive passage that raises the tempo and quickens the pulse. Throughout the performance, they move seamlessly from sound-sculpting to earth-scorching.” Paul Acquaro from The Free Jazz Blog



dMu: Synaptic Self (2016)

“A guttural eruption of sounds from the worlds of avant-garde jazz and death metal, the album moves with the same menacing purpose as the dMu who graces the album cover, taking listeners on a gripping journey to an unknown world where the elements of contemporary creative music are distorted beyond recognition.”

dMu are: Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet), Álvaro Domene (guitar), and Mike Caratti (drums and compositions).

  • “‘Synaptic Self’ is a determined, furiously dark, animalistic blast of metal-jazz improv…” 20th Anniversary edition of Jazzwise Magazine.
  • dMu’s debut record made it into the Avant Music NewsBest Albums of 2016″ list.
  • Also, it was on Andrey Henkin’s ‘Recommended New Release’ list in the December issue of the New York City Jazz Record.

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This slab of aggression features the trio of Mike Caratti on drums, Josh Sinton on sax and bass clarinet, and Álvaro Domene on electric guitar. Channeling both free jazz and a punk/metal vibe, Domene’s heavily distorted riffing and speed picking are juxtaposed with drones and urgently angular melodies from Sinton. Underneath, Caratti provides staggered rhythms. All three of these explorers have a penchant for twisting notes, irregular phrasing, and left-of-center explosiveness. Sinton’s bass clarinet, in particular, adds a rich texture to Domene’s doomy grinding. But not all of Synaptic Self is improv. Several tracks are based around pre-established themes, though some of these lead to an open blowout or two. Comparisons? Slobber Pup’s Pole Axe, for one, but without the quiet parts. A commendable release that explores untrodden paths. by Avant Music News



ZÖBIK-3: Öpik-3 (2013)

“The record sounds fantastic. Great writing, unbelievable playing, and a superb recording.”
Ben Goldberg

Álvaro Pérez (alto saxophone), Álvaro Domene (guitar and compositions, except Nörth and Prelude to Lismania), Daniel García Bruno (drums).



GRAN MASA:  Gran Masa (2012)

“Recorded in Madrid with a band of Spaniards and one Australian, Gran Masa’s debut album is a confounding and complex collision of sounds – whilst it’s grounded in improvised jazz there are also touches of math-rock, prog and out there experimentalism. Covering a wide-ranging sound palette, much of it pushing the boundaries of composition, Gran Masa occupy a distinctive and idiosyncratic space of their own.” – RTRFM Radio Australia

Álvaro Domene (guitar and compositions), Mike Caratti (drums and compositions), Álvaro Pérez (alto sax), and Sergio Mena (electric basses).