October 2015 Relocation to NYC and new projects

I know, it's been a while since I have updated the website and much has happened since the last entry.

Last summer, I moved to the NYC area and started two groups:

DESVELO · Early this year, I decided I wanted to explore the possibilities that adding a third voice to my counterpoint-based compositions could bring, so I wrote a bunch of new pieces and we started rehearsing them. I am very excited to start performing with this band, which features some of my favourite improvisers: Briggan Krauss, Josh Sinton, and Mike Pride.

The second project is an improvising trio with Josh Sinton and drummer Devin Gray. Here is a clip of our first performance:


27/03/2014 ZÖBIK-3 (?) NEWS

- First thing: due to legal issues, we've decided to change our band name, from Öpik-3, to ZÖBIK-3. Check out our brand new website.

- Last month, we were chosen as album of the week on Avant Music News, which is quite nice. Here’s the LINK.

- One of my compositions from ZÖBIK-3's record, was download of the week at the All About Jazz website, reaching more than 3,000 downloads (!).

- ZÖBIK-3's album, titled Öpik-3 (Iluso Records) is being distributed by the Downtown Music Gallery in New York City and also by Cuneiform Records/Wayside Music.

- CDs and downloads are also available at ZÖBIK-3's and Iluso's websites.

- Last but not least, I'm very happy to announce that Belgian drummer extraordinaire, Teun Verbruggen, will be joining us in our upcoming tour in April. We’ll be playing in Madrid, Miranda de Ebro and Vitoria.

We’ll be presenting our record plus some new music and are very excited about what Teun can contribute to the music.

Check out the Events section of the website for more information. Hope to see you out there.

- Here's a video from the album release concert.

23/12/2013 ÖPIK-3’s debut album out now

I'm happy to announce that the debut album by my band ÖPIK-3 came out today on Iluso Records. CDs and mp3s can be purchased here:

Here is a tune from the record:

14/09/2013 Gran Masa's album for sale at the Downtown Music Gallery of NYC + review

Happy to announce that now you can also purchase Gran Masa's album at one of the best music shops in the world, the Downtown Music Gallery in New York City. Also, Bruce, the manager, was kind enough to review record:

"Gran Masa (Iluso 01; EEC) Featuring Álvaro Domene on guitar, Álvaro Pérez on alto sax, Sergio Mena on electric basses and Michael Caratti on drums.

This disc from a Spanish quartet arrived in the mail recently and comes from one of regular customers who is also the drummer.

Considering that I hadn't heard any of these fellows before this, I was most impressed nonetheless. Three of the four members here contributed pieces with just one piece of group improv.

"Onaip" is laid-back in mood yet adventurous its circular arrangements. I dig the way the guitar and sax often sail around each other, tightly yet freely but always connected to the flow of the bass and drums.

Guitarist Álvaro Domene reminds me of John Abercrombie when he plays more restrained and with few effects to lean on.

By track 5, "Hice", their more aggressive tendencies take over and they start to rock a bit with strong guitar and sax interplay as the tempo increases and decreases, moving into freer terrain.

"Bienvenido al Pasado" moves even further into strong jazz/rock territory with guitarist Domene putting his axe through some scary effects.

The final piece is the most interesting one as it evolves through a few different sections and tightly comes to the end.

Considering that this is a debut disc by this band, it is engaging most of the time. It will take some time for me to absorb some of the more subtle parts.

Each week another little known gems from different parts of the world turn up here at DMG, so this is one of this week's most interesting sonic delights.

- Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG"

Gran Masa's link on Downtown Music Gallery store

26/08/2013 Gran Masa's debut album reviews

Here's a couple of really nice reviews of Gran Masa's first CD.

Both in Spanish but Google Translator can be very friendly if asked.

Zona de Jazz reviews Gran Masa
La Habitación del Jazz reviews Gran Masa

06/07/2013 Öpik-3 album preview video

Finally! I'm really happy to announce that, after an amazing mixing work by David Binney, Nate Wood has taken the sound of the album even further with an awesome mastering job, so the first Öpik-3 album is DONE.

We're so happy with it, can't wait to release it and share it with you all.

I just wanted to say thanks and give props to Salomé Limón, David Binney and Nate Wood for their outstanding work and contribution to this record. We've been very lucky!

Here's a video preview of the album. We hope you like it, and if you do, please share it!

Thank you everyone!

11/06/2013 Gran Masa featured album of the week on RTRFM radio

I'm very happy to announce that Gran Masa's self-titled album has been chosen featured album of the week on RTRFM radio in Australia. They will be playing some of the music throughout the week and have an interview with Michael.

Check it out!


This is what they say about us:

"Recorded in Madrid with a band of Spaniards and one Australian, Gran Masa’s debut album is a confounding and complex collision of sounds – whilst it’s grounded in improvised jazz there are also touches of math-rock, prog and out there experimentalism. Covering a wide-ranging sound palette, much of it pushing the boundaries of composition, Gran Masa occupy a distinctive and idiosyncratic space of their own."

Thanks for your support!

30/05/2013 Öpik-3 album update: mix is done

I’m very happy for the exceptional job that David Binney has done mixing our first Öpik-3 record. It's been a great learning experience!

We're excited, delighted and can't wait to share the result with you all. Next step is mastering.

We'll have news very soon.

In the meantime, here's a recent video of the trio in action: Watch video on YouTube

Also, go buy Dave's newest record, awesome tunes and amazing band, as usual! http://goo.gl/xOUh3

Thanks so much for your support.

21/05/2013 Iluso Records and Gran Masa's album release

I’m really happy to announce the birth of Iluso Records, a record label that the amazing drummer Michael Caratti and I have started recently. We just had our debut with the release of Gran Masa's self titled album, which came out yesterday. The band is an avant garde, heavy hitting, experimental quartet based in Madrid who play fresh and energetic music heavily influenced by the Downtown sound and ethos with a strong focus on improvisation. Gran Masa are Michael Caratti (drums), myself (guitar), Álvaro Perez (alto sax) and Sergio Mena (electric basses).

The album is available in CD format directly from the label's website (US $17, Paypal, including postage to anywhere on the planet) and it's also available digitally on Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes.

Here's the website

Also, give us some Facebook love on our FB pages:
Iluso Records
Gran Masa

Links to buy the album:

Thanks very much everyone for the support!

19/05/2013 Öpik-3 album update and live video

We recorded our first album last month with Salomé Limón at Casa Limón studios in Madrid and now we're waiting for the final mixes before sending it to master.

Meanwhile, you can check out a video from the last gig we did at Vaciador 34 in Madrid. Watch video on YouTube
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

02/03/2013 Öpik-3 at La Alabanda video

Here's a video with fragments of our last performance at La Alabanda in Madrid, where we played some of the pieces that we're gonna be recording by the end of the month.

Thanks for watching.