· 18th of June 2018 ·


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· 16th of May 2018 ·

It’s been a while since the last update. Here is the cover art for my new upcoming release, “The Compass”, which will be released in June through Iluso Records. The concept and design are by Juan Soler at The Braves Church, in Spain.

“The Compass” is my very first solo album and I am very excited to release it. It contains pieces that I wrote for the seven string electric guitar, plus spontaneous compositions. It was performed and recorded live, without overdubs, on the 1st of March of 2018 at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, New York. And, it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the brilliant Colin Marston.


· 6th December 2017·

The New York City Jazz Record newspaper just published an interview that John Sharpe did with me about how Mike Caratti and I run our label, Iluso Records.FullSizeRender-2


· 6th September 2017·

First show with this group at Balboa in Brooklyn. 13th September.PIA12514_hires

· 13th April 2017·

“Synaptic Self” by dMu is  a “determined, furiously dark, animalistic blast of metal-jazz improv…” according to Selwyn Harris’ review in the 20th Anniversary edition of Jazzwise magazine. Both this and “Live at The Firehouse Space” by Domene/Krauss are reviewed in the UK’s best and biggest selling jazz magazine!

· 5th January 2017 ·

“On the other side of the listenability spectrum, we find dMu‘s Synaptic Self. Yes, it’s very challenging – and perhaps the least listener-friendly album of the year , but, once you go beyond the initial shock and begin to slowly digest it, you’re rewarded with something so intrinsically unique, so otherworldly, so free, and so raw! It would be quite difficult to find something similar to this elsewhere. It’s also possibly the best album to recommend to other people when you want to aggressively demonstrate your superior tastes to your friends, or lack thereof.”


· 12th December 2016 ·

Positive response from specialized press:

  • dMu’s ‘Synaptic Self’ features on Andrey Henkin’s ‘Recommended New Release’ list in the December issue of the New York City Jazz Record.
  • Here’s also a review of the same record made by Avant Music News:

This slab of aggression features the trio of Mike Caratti on drums, Josh Sinton on sax and bass clarinet, and Álvaro Domene on electric guitar. Channeling both free jazz and a punk/metal vibe, Domene’s heavily distorted riffing and speed picking are juxtaposed with drones and urgently angular melodies from Sinton. Underneath, Caratti provides staggered rhythms.

All three of these explorers have a penchant for twisting notes, irregular phrasing, and left-of-center explosiveness. Sinton’s bass clarinet, in particular, adds a rich texture to Domene’s doomy grinding. But not all of Synaptic Self is improv. Several tracks are based around pre-established themes, though some of these lead to an open blowout or two.

Comparisons? Slobber Pup’s Pole Axe, for one, but without the quiet parts. A commendable release that explores untrodden paths.

  • And last, a review of my CD with Briggan Krauss, “Live at The Firehouse Space”, by Paul Acquaro from The Free Jazz Blog:

Something cool about the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn is that it really is an old firehouse. Now a private residence that opens its doors to creative music, it’s a treat just to visit. The music of saxophonist Briggan Krauss and guitarist Alvaro Domene added some additional experimental luster to the space when they performed the music found here in June of this year.

The opener, ‘Minimum Height to Ride,’ is actually the bulk of the recording at 44 min, while the second track, ‘The Sophomaniac,’ seems to be a 4-minute encore. The atmosphere the duo develops is enveloping, the slow ooze at the start is created by Krauss’ intensely rhythmic phrases and Domene’s deliberate chordal movement. The fog burns off quickly though as the two engage in an intensely percussive passage that raises the tempo and quickens the pulse. Throughout the performance, they move seamlessly from sound-sculpting to earth-scorching.


· 15th September 2016 ·


Álvaro Domene & Briggan Krauss: Live at The Firehouse Space (Iluso Records)


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· 25th August 2016 ·


dMu: Synaptic Self (Iluso Records)







· July 2016: New trio ·

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