“Desvelo, the latest project of Spanish guitarist/composer Álvaro Domene, is an explosive, genre-defying quartet featuring New York’s heavy hitters Briggan Krauss (alto sax), Josh Sinton (baritone sax/bass clarinet), and Mike Pride (drums). Through this fascinating ensemble, Desvelo presents an evolutionary progression in Domene’s compositional technique, boldly unifying elements of avant-garde jazz and 20th-century classical music with experimental metal.”


Krauss · Domene

“Alto sax demon Briggan Krauss (H-Alpha, Sex Mob, Bill Frisell) has been an integral part of the New York City’s musical fabric for over 20 years. Krauss connects the extreme edges of saxophone technique with the unexplored tonal possibilities of the instrument. He has recently released his first solo recording, “Art of the Saxophone Vol. 1: The Tunnel” in which he documents his uniquely innovative approach to improvisation and the saxophone.

Having recently arrived in New York City, Spanish guitarist/composer Álvaro Domene is quickly making a name for himself on the creative music scene. His band ‘Desvelo’ (w Briggan Krauss, Josh Sinton, and Mike Pride) is now a regular player on the city’s gigging circuit, showcasing Domene’s compositional brilliance and exceptional playing.

Hear these two unique voices combine in a performance of uninhibited improvisation. Recent duo performances by the pair have received high acclaim. Not to be missed.”

We just recorded out first CD, “Live at The Firehouse Space” and it’s out on Iluso Records. Jeremiah Cymerman took care of the recording, mixing, and mastering.




Australian drummer and composer, Michael Caratti, leads this avant-garde jazz/metal trio.  We tracked our first record, “Synaptic Self”, last May at East Side Sound in NYC and it was released in September. You can buy it HERE

Marc Urselli did an incredible job at recording and mixing.

Josh Sinton: baritone sax and bass clarinet
Álvaro Domene: electric guitar
Michael Caratti: drums and compositions

CD Cover art by Shea Walsh:



Trio that performs long-form spontaneous compositions.

Josh Sinton: baritone saxophone and bass clarinet
Álvaro Domene: electric guitar
Devin Gray: drums and percussion



Improvising trio with Briggan Krauss (alto sax) and Andrew Drury (drums and percussion)



Chris Packham’s AND THERE YOU ARE

Duo of British (but Brooklyn based) drummer and composer Chris Packham and guitarist Álvaro Domene. Math rock meets contemporary jazz, folk, and experimentalism.